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Bellringing in Studley 

Bellringing times

Practice Night is Thursday 7:30 – 9:00 pm.      
Sunday Service Ringing is 9:15 – 10:00 am

Would You Like to Have a Go and keep these bells ringing?

Ringing does not require great strength, it's more about technique. Ringers range from 9+ years to sometimes 90 years so its very often a family affair. Come along to a practice night and have a look.

If you're interested in bellringing as a hobby, you may like to read this flyer

bellringing flyer


Louise Grubb (Tower Captain)    Tel    07845736033

About the bells

The original 5 bells were recast in 1688 and hung in the same wooden frame.   The bells were out of action during the WW2 years until in 1957 when a treble bell was added making a ring of 6 bells and the bells were rehung in a new steel frame.    At this point a new band of ringers needed to be trained. For the Millennium 2 additional bells were cast making the present-day ring of 8 bells.  Details on the bells are as follows: -


Bell Weight
cwt qrs lbs
Note Diameter
Date Founder
Treble / 1 4- 0 -7 G 25.00 1998 John Taylor
    Inscription:    Bell Ringers and Parishioners  Millennium Bell
2 4- 1 -11 F# 26.00   1998 John Taylor
    Inscription:    To God be the Glory
3 4-0-20 E 26.88 1957 John Taylor
    Inscription:    Subscribed for by Parishioners
4 5-1-22 D 30.25 1688 Mathew I Bagley
    Inscription:    Joseph Potter,    Minister.
5 5-3-1 C 31.63  1688 Mathew I Bagley
    Inscription:    Matthew  Bagley  Made  Mee
6 6-2-10 B 33.00 1688 Mathew I Bagley
    Inscription:     Edward Benton and Thomas Smith, CW.
7 8- 0-2 A 35.75 1688 Mathew I Bagley
    Inscription:    Charles Russesell and William Parr, CW.
    Thomas  Perkins George Robins, Colector  (2 coins cast into the lip)
Tenor / 8 11-1-9 G 39.75 1688 Mathew I Bagley
    Inscription:   Fear God and Honor the King

You can listen to Studley's ring of eight here (scroll to the bottom of the video and press the play button): 


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