Welcome to the Arden Marches website. We are a group of four churches centred around the village of Studley, with other churches in Mappleborough Green, Oldberrow and Morton Bagot.  If you have any questions, please contact us.

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Lent Course

Lent 2017

Thursday evening lent study with Studley Churches Together. Five week course starting on March 9th at 7.30pm at, Studley Methodist Church

Based on the story and characters of the Oscar nominated film ‘Chocolat’ – relates passages from the Bible to scenes and themes from the film. Recognising Lent as a chance to embrace change and renewal,

The course lays the foundation for truly fulfilling life of giving generously and finally indulging ourselves almost greedily on the goodness that life in the resurrected Christ gives.


Dear Friends


Dear all,

Saying goodbye is often difficult but Val and I have had to come to terms with the end of our ministry in the Arden Marches Group of Parishes on January 31st.

As most of you know, back in June, I found that I was suffering from levels of anxiety and stress that I had never experienced before. I have generally thought of myself as being a fairly relaxed character that copes with whatever comes so it came as something of a surprise to me (and even to those who know me well). That feeling that you are struggling just to keep up with the ordinary things of life is one that, I suspect, several of us have known.

I then found that, as a result, of some tests that I had had earlier in the year, I was diagnosed with fronto-temporal dementia. The disease is progressive and no-one can tell me how quickly it will progress, neither currently is there any medication.

At the time, I described it like being hit by a train and for a while I couldn’t think straight. Thankfully I had people around to help, to talk and pray with us. We then took the decision that I should apply for early retirement on health grounds which after medical reports has now been granted.

In such situations perspective is important. The fact is that none of us know what time we have in this life. Every day is a gift and we should cherish it as such.

I had a conversation with someone a few months ago, who asked whether what had happened had challenged my faith. It is very easy when difficult or bad things happen for us to blame someone, especially God. I have heard people say “If God really existed then he would let this happen!” or “if God really loved me…”.

The fact is that we live in a broken world and bad things happen. I am not a Christian because I think it will keep me safe and well – we only need to read the Good Friday story to know that can’t be true! As I have said more than once that is why in that great hymn we sing Blessed ASSURANCE not Blessed INSURANCE.

It is my faith that helps me make sense of such a world and it my faith in Jesus that gives me hope. God doesn’t promise that nothing bad or difficult will happen to us but that he will walk with us and he never abandons us. As it says in Psalm 23

“Though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death, I will fear no evil for you are with me, your rod and your staff, they comfort me”. (v.4)

I’m not sure what the future holds but I have a strong sense of assurance that the God who loves me, and has called me to follow him, walks with me. He heals and strengthens me. Through him I learn to cherish each day and look forward to whatever he has for us.

Of course, I am not just saying goodbye to the Arden Marches I am also marking the end of my time in stipendiary ministry. Over the past months I have reflected on the time, when, as a nineteen-year-old, I sensed God call on my life which led me into parish ministry. I have also thought about the five parishes in which I have served over the last thirty-one years – Walthamstow, Thamesview in Barking, Mildmay Park in Islington, Homerton in Hackney and finally here in the Arden Marches. In that time, I have been privileged to work with and meet some wonderful people.

But ministry does not end – there is no retirement in the Kingdom of God – and I will continue to do whatever I am called to do, it will just be different. We will not be moving immediately and are likely to be in the Vicarage until the end of April when we will be moving to Bidford. So, you are likely to see us around in the meantime,

Finally, Val and I would like to thank everyone for all your love, prayers and support not just over the last six months but for the five and a half years we have been part of the community here. You will always be very special to us. We will continue to pray for the churches here.

With my best wishes



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Arden Marches: bringing God’s love to a hurting world.

Welcome to the Arden Marches Group of Parishes website. We are a group of four churches that are located on the rural western edge of the Coventry Diocese.

The group is centred around the village of Studley and has other churches in Mappleborough Green, Oldberrow and Morton Bagot. Each of our churches has a character of its own and across the group there are a wide range of services where all are welcomed.

As part of the Christian church we are committed to sharing the good news of the gospel of Jesus Christ with each other and with all in our communities. Our motto is “Bringing God’s love to a hurting world” which we seek to do through our activities, outreach, groups and worship services.

Please take the time to look round our website and see all the different things we do.  If you have any questions please contact our parish administrator, or one of the clergy team.  We would love to hear from you – but even better, we’d love to see you at one of our services, so please join us!

Revd David Silvester


All are welcome to join us for our services.

Thursday 2 March 2017

Studley Parish Centre
Leader: Jlo
Preacher: ST
President: ST

Sunday 5 March 2017

Mappleborough Green
Leader: JS
Studley Parish Church
Romans 5.1219
Matthew 4.111

Leader: RT
Preacher: AT/RT
President: AT
Mappleborough Green
Romans 5.1219
Matthew 4.111

Leader: TEAM
Preacher: TEAM
Osprey House
Romans 5.1219
Matthew 4.111

Leader: AG
Preacher: AG
President: AG

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Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary
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Holy Ascension
Mappleborough Green
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