Faith at Home

Of course, we’ve always been 24/7 Christians, but being in lockdown does make it harder in some ways to grow and express our faith. On the other hand, for many of us, it can actually increase the opportunities: more phone calls with family and friends, more time to spend reading and praying, more social needs to be met by our generosity.

Here are some resources and ideas for things we can all be doing to come out of this time stronger in faith in God, deeper in love with Jesus, and more full of the Holy Spirit.

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Worship and teaching

Spring Harvest Home, all week 13-18th April on YouTube. Spring Harvest Easter conference has gone online to beat the lockdown. Take part for free and catch up any time.

A playlist of worship music to help us praise, reflect and cry out to God.

Coventry Cathedral is livestreaming an online Communion or Eucharist service each day at 9.15am

In addition to our weekly online zoom service (which is all-age, interactive and designed to suit the online format), we will normally post an additional meditation, thought for the week, or a sermon on our Facebook Page to go more deeply into the day’s topic or bible reading.

Bible reading

The whole NIV bible read by actor David Suchet is no longer free, but is still half price (£9.99) for download to phones and tablets.

As you read the Bible, why not use this guide to help you ask good questions of the text and get more out of it.

Start a habit now and read the whole Bible in one year using this app – either read or listen daily.

The Bible is huge, but what if you could read it in 14 minutes and get the whole overview in one go? Try The Lockdown Starter Bible.


Lectio365 is now being used by many of our church family. Daily devotions that help us use scripture to get into prayer.

EasterPilgrim: The Lord’s Prayer. A 40-day journey through the prayer Jesus taught his followers, from the Church of England.

Children and Families

The Story of God for Kids – a free download of the entire bible (abridged) designed to help learn and memorise the whole arc of scripture and with really great discussion questions for kids, but also for adults. Typically 20-40 minutes per session.


Children’s wellbeing and talking to a child about Coronavirus (NSPCC)

Making sense of Coronavirus

Finding Hope in Covid-19 World gives reflections on some of the questions we may be asking or the emotions we might be experiencing at the moment.