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Our money, God’s money

In our Zoom service this morning, we explored our relationship to money, and our Christian giving. You might like to follow this up by reading, praying and meditating your way through this little guide. Our money, God’s money

Thy Kingdom Come

24-7 Prayer week. 24-31 May 2020.

We are running a ‘virtual’ 24-7 prayer room from our Zoom service on Sunday 24th May (Sunday after Ascension) to the service on Sunday 31st May (Pentecost).

We are inviting all members of the Arden Marches Churches, plus our friends from Churches Together in Studley to commit to one or more blocks of one hour during the week.

You can use your hour to pray however you like. You could follow some set liturgy, use a guided meditation,  make up your own prayers, listen to worship music. You can pray at home or go for your daily exercise and prayer-walk the village. We will be posting some resources and ideas below.

We will be praying for Coronavirus, our nation, our community, our neighbours and friends, our families, our church, and of course ourselves. We are all encouraged in this season to be praying for FIVE people each to come to know Jesus.

But prayer isn’t only for asking – it’s good to be in God’s presence and some or even all of our slot might simply be resting in His presence through silence, through scripture, through ‘soaking’ in worship music or some other way.

Please sign up to your slot(s) at

You can take just one half-hour slot, but the recommendation is 60 minutes, for which you will need to claim two slots.

If you include an email address, then you will receive a reminder of your booking. If you need to change something you’ve already booked, please email Dan


Pray4Five friends and family to come to faith in Jesus Christ.

a. Choose 5 people and pray for them each day.
b. Use ‘The Father’s Love’ Prayer Journal to guide your prayer
c. Night Prayer at 9.00pm weekdays and Saturday will follow this Prayer Journal

Pray for guidance Ask our Good Shepherd where he is leading us in the Arden Marches Churches. What is God saying to us personally and as congregations in and through these times. What are God’s dreams for our future?

a. Take time to listen to what God is saying through the Spirit.
b. Use the ‘Listening on the Way’ Novena prayer booklet
c. Morning Prayer at 9.30am weekdays and Saturday will follow this booklet.

Create a window witness Display a paper candle flame in your window on Ascension Day to symbolise your commitment to pray. On Pentecost Sunday replace it with a much bigger multicoloured flame, or with lots of flames, to symbolise prayer for the outpouring of the Spirit. Post photos on Facebook if you wish. visit the Thy Kingdom Come section of the website for additional resources, including ideas for children and families.

Coronavirus prayer resourcesFrom the 24-7 Prayer movement, a range of resources for personal prayer, family prayer and a 60-minute Coronavirus prayer guide.

Other 24-7 Prayer Resources.

Holy Week and Easter

A complete run-down of all the online services, reflections and resources throughout Holy Week and Easter from our church and selected resources from around the web.

Holy Week and Easter